Site Information

Site Information (under Settings) provides access to change your basic site information such as name, professional title and address, global taxonomy terms, and site logo.

The "Main Headline" field is normally reserved for your name.
The "Sub Headline" is normally for your professional title, but can be whatever you prefer.
The "Address Line" is your office address.

This information will automatically appear in your site's header section. Both "Sub Headline" and "Address line" are optional fields.

The "Related Interests:" vocabulary field provides a space for you to enter a list of taxonomy terms (or tags) to describe your content. Tagged content allow users to find all content related it a common topic. In the text field, you can create a list of these terms which will be available for all content that you post on your site. If you enabled the "Categories" widget in the Control Panel Layout section, your site's visitors will be able to see a list of these terms which will link to the related content.

Your Site logo (photo) can be uploaded and/or cropped. Particular themes may resize the photo depending on the presentation, but the general aspect-ratio is set. To crop a photo to the default shape,  grab the cropping tool handles and adjust. You'll a preview of the cropped photo to the left of the cropping area. You'll want to make sure the original image you upload is at least the size of the default image (180px by 140px).